Black Feather Pastry

“Shu Shin Bou KIRIGAKURE” is the new highlight in LongTan, Taoyuan. With the Kamakura myths of Japan as the background, there is the installation art of the energy owner – Tengu Sennin and the “Black Feather Pastry” made with magic power in the venue. The Black Feather Pastry and dessert made by the “Shu Shin Workshop” are highly recommended by vloggers. It comes in two flavors: regular and chocolate. It is soft and smooth, with thick chocolate fillings. It can be served frozen, cold, and heated with a microwave. The image of the Japanese style gift box is stylistic. There are also strawberry and green apple flavored ones that can be ordered online.

Black Feather Pastry includes 5 Regular and 4 Chocolate ones. Soft and smooth, they are stuffed with cream fillings. It won’t be too sweet. The chocolate is strong, tasting sweet and bitter. Each bite brings you ultimate happiness. Both flavors are really nice. It tastes like ice cream right out of the freezer. Packed individually, it is very convenient. Just open the packaging before eating. Personally, I recommend the chocolate flavor ones. The chocolate tastes sweet with a little bit of bitterness, welcomed by both adults and children. The chocolate fillings are saturated with the aroma of milk, suitable for serving with a cup of tea. It heals you with just one bite. For me, I like sugar-free tea. So, the pastry is a little sweet but not too sweet for me. For people in favor of sweet chocolate, it tastes marvelous. Tasting superb, the Black Feather Pasty is ideal for a gift. Your guests will be flattered.