KIRIGAKURE Travel Guide Amazing outdoor Japanese-style scenery presents Japan vibes,

✈ quenching your wanderlust while not being able to travel abroad!



Trendy photo spots!  📸
Every corner inside KIRIGAKURE is a spot to check in!

From the massive giant Tengu to the Kabuto gate,with its face constantly change to welcome visitors!


Dining area offering delicacies and Japanese desserts
There is a variety of restaurants, cafes, and even a cozy Japanese-style seating area with tatami mats! No need to worry about getting tired from all the exploring with nowhere to rest!    

A shopping area that’s perfect for both shopping and taking photos!
You’ll find a wide range of Shu Shin Workshop souvenirs at the venue, including Black Feather Pastry, and Derson lover’s triangular layered cake. Plenty of Japanese snacks and desserts awaits you to savor! 😋


KIRIGAKURE Ninja performance
Exclusive at KIRIGAKURE! Can you believe your childhood cartoon is now being performed in real life? 👀
Don’t miss out on the ninja performance that both kids and adults love!


Eat well and have fun! At KIRIGAKURE, we offer Japanese snack DIY sessions where you can make your own unique treats. You can even share them with your loved ones! 💞



Witness the whole process of making Black Feather Pastry! Must-buy souvenirs at KIRIGAKURE! 
It’s something you don’t get to see every day!!!
With imported machines from Japan and an exclusive steaming method and through the two-step process of super-low-pressure steaming, soft Black Feather pastries with rich filling are presented to you!
Imagine seeing Black Feather pastries freshly made every day, with each pastry popping out of the machine, it’s adorable!  

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