A new scenic spot in Taoyuan


LongTan, Taoyuan “Shu Shin Bou KIRIGAKURE” will become one of the most spectacular sightseeing factories in Taiwan: New scenic spot and an indicating venue in Taoyuan. The park is themed with Kamakura myths. The city is constructed with imitation Japanese castles. The themes of the stories are integrated with the corporate spirit, corporate culture, and merchandise. With the concept of promoting the sightseeing industry, we aspire to reshape the new industrial values of a sightseeing factory.

With the background of the Edo Period, it looks like the city and Bou KIRIGAKURE Castle Town.  Decorated with huge installation art: The entrance of the park is constructed with the shape of a helmet of a Japanese general to greet visitors. A huge 360° LED screen presents dramas, Senbon Torii circular trail, kaleidoscope slope, magic candy box, and creative Tengu Sennin installation art. All these props subvert the visitors’thinking of a sightseeing factory.


Installed with French casement that allows visitors to see the entire Japan made automatic pastry machine (only in Taiwan). The ninja DIY studio will orient the visitors with the know-how of pastry making. The light meals and desserts served at Woo Ying Tea House are highly recommended. The city composed of traditional markets encourage us to make changes. The old market and streets at “Shu Shin Bou KIRIGAKURE” bring visitors to travel in time to experience Edo City from one hundred years ago. The traditional culture of the Japanese confection market will touch your hearts through time and space, worthy for experiencing.

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