【PEOPO Citizen Journalism】SHU SHIN BOU KIRIGAKURE, Just like an overseas adventure Intro

Located in Longtan, Taoyuan, SHU SHIN BOU KIRIGAKURE has attracted a large number of domestic tourists during the Tomb-Sweeping holidays amidst the pandemic, as many are still unable to travel abroad. This tourism factory showcases a strong Japanese ambiance, featuring ninjas running up walls, torii, and Japanese bamboo forests, all of which allures visitors for photo opportunities. Ms. Wei, one of the tourists, said she decided to visit this place after learning about it online. She wanted to feel the Japanese vibe, which gave her a similar experience of traveling abroad.
Furthermore, a variety of delicious Japanese desserts are provided here, satisfying the taste buds of the visitors. As the domestic COVID-19 situation is easing, many people have taken the opportunity to explore domestic attractions during the Tomb-Sweeping holidays. However, maintaining social distancing is still essential, as well as frequent handwashing and wearing masks to ensure safety. During this trip akin to international travel, you can enjoy the immersive Japanese atmosphere with peace of mind.


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