4/2 【Hunger Games】Coming Soon—Children’s Day holidays! Tune in Sunday at 20:00!

Sincere thanks to the Hunger Games program for their support of the SHU SHIN BOU KIRIGAKURE Tourism Factory.
The Hunger Games program visited SHU SHIN BOU KIRIGAKURE in Longtan, Taoyuan, for filming.
Welcome everyone to come and experience the park together during the Children’s Day holidays!
Title: “Hunger Games—Who Pays for the Spring Banquet? Part 2” will be broadcast featuring the filming at SHU SHIN BOU KIRIGAKURE.
Hosts: Tony Sun, Zax Wang, Jason Hsu, Mini Tsai, Wu Han-Chun (Qun) Broadcast Channel: CTV (China Television) Broadcast
Date: 2023/4/2 (Sunday) Broadcast
Time: 8:00 PM We sincerely welcome your viewership!
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